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Deep Healing Sensual Tantric Massage For Men, Women, & Couples in Melbourne

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Sensual Massage For Men

Sensual massage is a great way for men to relax and unwind. It can also be a great way to connect with your pleasure and being once again. A sensual massage can be an incredibly erotic and bonding experience.

sensual massage for women

Sensual Massage For Women

Sensual massage is a great way for women to reconnect to their true, and powerful, feminine essence. This Tantric style of sensual massage, invites women to truly relax, reconnect and unwind.

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Sensual Massage For Couples

More and more couples are discovering the benefits of sensual massage. This type of massage can help to increase intimacy and closeness, while also providing a way to relax and de-stress.

“Awyn has an innate understanding of her customer’s needs! I was hesitant to book a session, but her touch is divine, her personality is friendly, and her work is amazing! I feel like I've finally released the blocked tension in my body! Recommended!"

Jane, February 2021, Melbourne


About our professional practitioner at Sensual Massage Melbourne

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Awyn is a certified professional Tantric massage practitioner, Sexologist, Bodyworker and Sensual Massage Therapist based in Melbourne.

She works with men, women and couples, who want more than just an erotic massage, but a deeply profound healing massage experience.

Awyn can help men and women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, problems experiencing orgasms, or general performance anxiety.

Awyn also offers couples massage with her partner to improve their intimacy.
tantra melbourne erotic


Whether you’re curious about sensual massage, and you’re looking for a spiritual, but sensual, experience than will improve your entire life (not just your sex life), click below…